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Hunting at Heritage Hunt Club

Heritage Hunt Club is situated in Northeastern Wisconsin , in Laona, in the heart of the Nicolet National Forest. The Heritage Hunt Club is on the site of the of an old logging camp which later became a lumber company farm. It is now a designated Historic Site. But more importantly for the Sportsman and Sportswoman, Heritage Hunt Club is uniquely set upon 640 acres of corn, sorghum, and natural habitat, surrounded by forests and the Rat River whose banks are abundant with wild rice. Heritage Hunt Club provides the finest in Upland Game Hunting, be it Pheasant or Quail. Heritage Hunt Club is also only 2 minutes away from another kind of shooting an 18 hole golf club for those that wish another sport in a day in the North.

Wild-life is abundant on the farm, and Lodge Hunting Guests may wish to include some of the native species in their hunts after they have released their Pheasants if they have a license to shoot grouse or wild turkeys or geese or ducks. Special arrangements can be made at the discretion of the Manager, Kelly Lind.

There are 6 fields that offer choice hunting for every hunter. Some fields are over 40 acres, which accomodates large parties of hunters very well. Other smaller fields are very suitable for the younger hunter or the older hunter who may not wish to trek long distances. Our Manager will see to it that you are in a field that suits your type of hunt.

Heritage Hunt Club is Open to the Public on a Daily Fee basis or by Membership.

All Hunts are by Reservation, and Reservations are made by calling 715-889-9893.

Check-in and Check-out is required.

On Weekdays there is a minimum release of 4 birds per gun on the field. Weekday hunts run from 8:00AM-11:30 AM and Noon to 2:00 PM

On Weekends there is a minimum release of 4 birds per gun on the field. Weekend hunts run from 8AM to noon and 12:30PM to 4:30PM.

If there are less than 12 birds released, hunts will run a maximum of 2 hours.

The Time of the Hunt will be subject to the Manager's Discretion.

Non-Members pay $22 per bird. Bird Cleaning is available for $3 per bird.

Bob White Quail for $9 each, 6 bird min. release per gun. Chukar Partritge for $15 each, 4 bird min. per gun.

Rates subject to change, contact us for more details.

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